Gentle hyperbaric chambers for everyone

We offer oxygen therapy using hyperbaric chambers. Each of our chambers undergoes a series of rigorous tests before it is put into use, making it completely safe. OxyBed oxygen therapy means relief for your body, better recovery after exercise and faster recovery.

Dwie kobiety obsługujące komorę hiperbaryczną OxyBed.

Meet OxyBed

We are a Polish distributor and supplier of gentle hyperbaric chambers. OxyBed chambers provide the highest level of quality and safety and are very easy to use. We have our own studio where you can use the chambers and convince yourself of their positive effects.

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How does the therapy work?

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pressure 1.3 ATA

A hyperbaric chamber is a device which, through the special conditions created inside the chamber, i.e. increased pressure, provides the body with more oxygen.

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Treatment in a hyperbaric chamber consists of inhaling concentrated oxygen in a space with increased atmospheric pressure. Such conditions are conducive to oxygen reaching places that are difficult to access.

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effects after just 2 days

Thanks to the treatment in the OxyBed chamber, several times more oxygen enters our blood. This is of great importance for the condition of our organism, as the oxygen in increased concentrations stimulates cells to grow and renew themselves.

The entire session

The entire session

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10 minutes

How can OxyBed therapy help you?

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Faster recovery

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be an ideal complement and support in the rehabilitation and physiotherapy process. Oxygen, as an essential nutrient for tissues, absorbed during therapy much more effectively than during normal breathing, can ultimately combat inflammation and thus significantly reduce pain and lead to disease remission.

Kobieta poddająca się zabiegom kosmetycznym.

Enhancing beauty

Sessions in the hyperbaric chamber are a sensational longevity treatment because they cause an eightfold increase in stem cells, which circulate through the body to reach damaged cells and tissues causing them to regenerate naturally. The delivery of increased oxygen to hypoxic tissues and organs significantly promotes the slowing down of the ageing process, the proliferation of the dermis and the production of collagen.

zdjecie osrodki terapii zajeciowej


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, by stimulating vascular formation processes and by increasing the oxygenation of blood circulating in the body, has a significant effect on the central nervous system, including the regeneration and proliferation of new neural connections and neurons. Patients undergoing rehabilitation specifically assisted by oxygen therapy treatments showed very positive changes in muscle balance and intellectual function.


Sports performance

Top athletes enrich their training with regular hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments, which have an extremely beneficial effect on regeneration processes such as the healing of wounds and swelling, the reduction of inflammation caused by injuries or the increase in collagen production.


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Gentle hyperbaric chambers for everyone We offer oxygen therapy using hyperbaric chambers. Each of our chambers undergoes a series of rigorous tests before it is

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