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Sessions in the hyperbaric chamber are a sensational longevity treatment because they cause an eightfold increase in stem cells, which circulate through the body to reach damaged cells and tissues, causing them to regenerate naturally. The supply of increased oxygen to hypoxic tissues and organs significantly promotes the slowing down of the ageing process, the proliferation of the dermis and the production of collagen. The treatments carried out allow for more effective weight loss and a slimmer silhouette. Western studies show that people who regularly receive hyperbaric chamber treatments live an average of 10 years longer! Having a hyperbaric chamber is not a luxury, but a standard. The luxury is the sensations and positive effects that users often experience even after just a few sessions.

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Treatments in the hyperbaric chamber significantly reduce the time required for recovery after strenuous exercise training due to increased blood flow to damaged tissues. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy speeds up the metabolism and this allows for more effective weight loss. As a result, it helps to achieve a healthy, athletic physique. In addition, it boosts energy and thus the willingness to do the often very hard workouts that are necessary to achieve your dream goal.

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Top athletes enrich their training with regular hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments, which have an extremely beneficial effect on regeneration processes such as wound and oedema healing, reduction of inflammation caused by injuries or an increase in collagen production After a hard training session, they reduce the oxygen deficit, they cause an increase in the number of ATP molecules, the acidification effect in the muscles disappears and the dehydration level of the body decreases In other words, hyperbaric oxygen therapy significantly accelerates regeneration and a faster return to total fitness, which for physically active people and professional athletes in particular is of paramount importance.

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, by stimulating vascular formation processes and by increasing the oxygenation of blood circulating in the body, has a significant effect on the central nervous system, including the regeneration and proliferation of new neural connections and neurons. Patients undergoing rehabilitation specifically assisted by oxygen therapy treatments showed very positive changes in muscle balance and intellectual function. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is effective in rehabilitation by eliminating the root cause of the disease rather than just alleviating its effects, and this bodes very well and gives patients hope for a better tomorrow.



One business idea could be to run your own salon providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy services. Offer your clients the opportunity to breathe enriched oxygen at elevated atmospheric pressure, which will benefit their health and support the treatment of many diseases and conditions. For you, at the same time, it will allow you to develop new or expand your existing business, which can generate additional revenue. A well-managed and pleasantly decorated salon will attract clients, who in turn will recommend it to others. People's growing awareness of the beneficial effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy suggests that this business has promising prospects.

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Provide clients with an extra experience and comfort in your spa with a session in a hyperbaric chamber. This is a sensational longevity treatment, resulting in a significant increase in stem cells. Cleansing toxins, nourishing the skin and slowing down the ageing process is really at your fingertips. Well, and very importantly, the use of oxygen hyperbaria is very relaxing and restful, so it fits in perfectly with the overall Spa treatment.

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The game, especially at the highest level, takes a heavy toll on the body. Frequent travelling, many hours in a sitting position, stress and often pressure are players' inseparable companions in life. This in turn often translates into physical pain, mental discomfort, problems with sleep or proper nutrition. Treatment in a hyperbaric chamber can have a very positive effect on these complaints. This is because breathing enriched oxygen under conditions of increased atmospheric pressure is beneficial to health, improves the physical performance of the body and speeds up recovery processes. Hyperbaric oxygen oxygen oxygenates the brain and increases its activity, thus stimulating the nervous system, nourishing and invigorating long-dormant cells and restoring their proper functioning.

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It has been known for a long time that a well-rested and satisfied worker is a productive worker. With the help of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which assists the body in its repair processes, allows nutrients to be supplied to all tissues, regenerating them. The oxygenation that takes place during a session in a hyperbaric chamber reduces stress-related disorders and visibly improves mood. All this is extremely important, it affects how we work, but also what kind of relationship an employee has at home. Is he or she chronically tired, does he or she feel anxious when thinking about work, does he or she feel professional burnout, and finally does he or she have the strength and desire for an active family life and commitment at work. Taking comprehensive care of an employee is an investment that usually pays off quickly and more than adequately.

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