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Gentle hyperbaric chambers for everyone

We are a Polish distributor and supplier of gentle hyperbaric chambers. OxyBed chambers provide the highest level of quality and safety and are very easy to use. We have our own studio where you can use the chambers and convince yourself of their positive effects.

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Dwie kobiety obsługujące komorę hiperbaryczną OxyBed.

We advise, sell, install, service

Our pride is our customers, whose number is growing every day. This drives us on and gives off a positive vibe. This is certainly due to the very good product we offer, but also to our OxyBed team, who are very committed, yet cheerful and enjoy what they do. What else sets us apart?

Experience and knowledge, we always take an individual approach to each customer, helping them to make the best choice for them. We advise, sell, install, service. You can always count on us. This is what our customers appreciate about us, because together we oxygenate their business.

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Where can you benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments?

Hiberbaric chamber therapy has a wide range of applications regardless of age, physical activity or health status. It can help young athletes as well as the elderly or those recovering from accidents.

Use the hyperbaric chamber without purchasing

We have something and for those of you who are not thinking about your own chamber, but would like to be able to take advantage of the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The established OxyBed STUDIO is just such a place. Make an appointment, take advantage and see for yourself the effects you will feel, come and visit!

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See for yourself!

Come to our SHOWROOM in Gdansk and after your session in the OxyBed chamber of your choice, we will try to answer any questions you may have and… enjoy a delicious coffee in the process 😊.