We look forward to seeing you at the OxyBed Studio

There are 2 hyperbaric chambers at your disposal.

You can park your car in one of the dedicated parking spaces.

The course of your visit

Remember that the session lasts 1.5 hours so before the treatment eat something light. On the day of the session avoid alcohol, fizzy drinks or energy drinks. It is advisable to refrain from smoking 2 hours before your session. Remember to wear comfortable clothing. It is not advisable to use your phone or other electronic devices during the session. Instead, we encourage you to use our reading zone. The effects can be felt after just two sessions!

Entire session

90 minutes


10 minutes


70 minutes


10 minutes


1.3 ATA



Price list for single entrances:

komora hiperbaryczna oxybed maxi 400x400

Soft chamber

  • 1 session 150 zł
  • 3 sessions 400 zł
  • 5 sessions 600 zł
  • 10 sessions 1000 zł
komora hiperbaryczna oxybed maxi steel 400x400

Hard chamber

  • 1 session 200 zł
  • 3 sessions 500 zł
  • 5 sessions 750 zł
  • 10 sessions 1200 zł

Make an appointment

Make an appointment for a session in the hyperbaric chamber today. Call us on 733 026 039 or select your preferred date.

Hiberbaric therapy passes

Hard chamber

1 session in the hard chamber

3 sessions in the hard chamber

5 sessions in the hard chamber

10 sessions in the hard chamber

Soft chamber​

1 session in the soft chamber​

3 sessions in the soft chamber​

5 sessions in the soft chamber​

10 sessions in the soft chamber​

Choose the pass that is best for you, or give someone a gift

A pass purchased for yourself can be collected at your first visit. You can also purchase a personalised pass as a gift, which we will send to your email address. A single session lasts 90 minutes.

karnety oxybed komory hiperbaryczne

What are the contraindications to the use of a hyperbaric chamber?

Despite so many salutary benefits associated with Oxygen Therapy, unfortunately there are also situations in which the use of hyperbaric chambers is not recommended.

With the following contraindications it is not possible to benefit from Hyperbaric Therapy:

– untreated pneumothorax

– taking cytotoxic drugs such as bleomycin, doxorubicin, disulfiram, etc.

– thoracic surgery

– pregnancy

– optic neuritis

– pacemaker

– sinusitis

– convulsions

– fever

– haemorrhage

– recent cold

– acute ear disease

– claustrophobia

– disseminated cancer

If you are in doubt as to whether any of these conditions are a contraindication to hyperbaric chamber therapy, please discuss this with your doctor.

It is worth remembering that although hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy is a non-invasive treatment, it may have minor side effects in the form of fatigue and headaches. Particularly after the first and second sessions.