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oxybed klient kacper

Kacper Meyna

Polish Heavyweight Boxing Champion

“I am using the OxyBed chambers in preparation for my next fights. The chambers help me during the preparation period in terms of improving my fitness.”

Mateusz Kieliszkowski

Polish Strongman, Five-time Polish Strongman Champion

“I use the OxyBed chambers before competitions in the comfort of my home. The chambers help me recover faster after hard training. I recover faster from injuries.”

oxybed klient mateusz kieliszkowski (4)
oxybed klient dariusz drapella (2)

Dariusz Drapella

Triathlete, athlete, private grandfather of 12 grandchildren

“It takes you up to the sky to then “slowly land” and seriously: it speeds up recovery, raises motivation for hard training, gives you the belief that I can do more and I have prepared properly for the starts ( not only by giving myself a hard time but also through active rest). It is rare to have the opportunity to sleep more than an hour during the day, e.g. between workouts (example from today: it was – 90 min on the trainer, a run with the bitch, a chamber in Oxybed and from 1600 a planned 3 km swim). At Jola Krawczyk’s it’s like heaven and after waking up a genuine smile.”

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